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    If you’re looking for places to learn WordPress Theme Development FREE you are at the right place!

    WordPress becomes a sore subject for some, there’s much hate around it and I spoke about this previously and you can go ahead and read it: Why (I) use WordPress

    moving on

    If you’ve never developed a theme before its a bit [I can’t think of a word to express]. It’s daunting and mostly just foreign.

    If you’ve worked in PHP it’s going to be a whole lot easier as WordPress is built on PHP. Not only will you need to learn PHP but you’ll need to learn about the functions, Web hooks, Codex for WordPress.

    Now as I mentioned before programming is not the art of byhearting so I don’t expect you to go and learn everything. As you work in WordPress there’s a few functions that you’ll use a few times so you should learn those but the rest search as you go along. Take it one step at a time.

    First timers:

    Handbooks & Articles

    If its your first time in the WordPress theme development world the guide by Tania is perfect [IF you are going to read and understand it]: Developing a WordPress Theme from Scratch by reading the article I feel like you’ll get an idea on how it works, but there’s something which is not great in the way they giving the code and not explaining it even though its quite self explanatory for those who know PHP but there are certain functions which are exclusive to WordPress which are not explained. AND bad & lazy programmers won’t read and understand the code rather copy and paste.

    If you opt to read the article make sense of the code make sure to use WordPress’s Theme Handbook and Theme Development site. You also want to study and make sense of how WordPress Template works, have a look at the Template Hierarchy  Remember Google is always there so search it and find your answers, there’s also: Developing with WordPress Forum

    wpbeginner has tons of articles, but the thing with that site is that they have wordpress articles for both developers and for front end users using wordpress.


    I love tutorials but I also hate them at the same time 😂 I love that they explain and walk you through everything but its sometimes tooo slow. If you feel the same go for the above route. But if you prefer videos then I have some great ones to share!

    There is many more courses on e-learning sites, I haven’t mentioned any as I haven’t tried any of them and I feel if you can learn with free resources why not 😁 though it doesn’t mean you can’t pay and learn so do as what suites you!

    eBooks & Books 

    I wasn’t going to add this section as all of the above is free sources but I just remembered there was an eBook that I flipped through that was awesome!

    I hope this has helped you 🙂
    Please bare in mind WordPress has hard rules and will make you want to pull your hair!

    Leave your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below

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