• Why (I) use WordPress

    Why use WordPress / Why I use WordPress

    Also applies to other CMS Systems

    This question is always asked not only to me but I see it in the comments of many other Instagram posts.

    It is also frowned upon by many! (and that’s understandable)

    People have different opinions, personal choice, business choices, appearance ect ..

    To some it may seem or it might be the truth that its used by lazy people, but in other cases its not about laziness!

    Before I get into the different reasons why CMS can / is used let me talk about this current site which you are reading from.

    You may ask am I lazy ? Is that why I’m using WordPress! The reason for me using wordpress is that not only do I publish articles on this site but other authors its easy for them to sign up me give them access and they can post whenever they want.

    Why I use WordPress for some of my clients:

    There’s many reasons to this and many other web devs will also agree

    • Budget! They want a fully functional website but have a small budget.
    • eCommerce; again with budget but also convenience, quicker & easier.
    • Wanting to be able to post articles, many companies like posting their own articles any they want access to do it whenever they want. There is an option of integrating WordPress into a normal coded website but then costs go higher and they opt to just WordPress.
    • ALSO they sometimes come in with .wordpress and want to go self-hosted, make a few changes to the design but they want to continue running the site.

    I hear often (not sure if I should add it in anyways)

    • Another reason why spend so much time building from scatch when you can have a site customized up and running in a few hours or minutes (depending on how much customization you are doing)

    This may seem that I only use WordPress and all my clients are hoarders and can’t pay ?

    No no! I do code many websites from scratch but obviously here I’m only talking about wordpress and those kind of clients.

    Some of you might not experience this as maybe you only get clients with bigger budgets, to be honest a lot of my clients are small businesses with small budgets.

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