• What’s going on Google ?? [Google APPS]

    Are you a huge Google fan ❓

    I think I can be considered a Google fan,

    1. I use Chrome on all my devices
    2. I rely on Google for my passwords
    3. Android device manager secures my phone
    4. YouTube entertains me
    5. Gmail/Inbox by Gmail I use multiple times a day

    I can go on I use Google products every single day, maybe a few times an hour .. Who’s counting !

    I like going on the app store and seeing what’s new, trying out different apps.

    Inbox by Gmail

    How do you like it ? (I know its out for a few months)

    I like the features it has that original Gmail didn’t but there’s a few things its lacking that original Gmail had, I feel in a few month after they improve and work on it, it will be great! -With regards to app

    If you’re not aware you can download the app and when viewing emails on Gmail you can switch to Inbox by Gmail.

    Google Allo

    is not yet out but you can register for it and when the app is released Google apps will ping you.


    Google Duo

    came out not too long ago a few days(I think)

    Let me tell you about Google Duo: Its straight to video call as said and nothing else, app is pretty straight forward and doesn’t have any features,

    When you open the app you are requested to type in your cell number, google sends you a verification sms and you’re through, I will stop talking here’s some screenshots:


    As soon as you open the app you see yourself as the front camera is turned on and ready for a video call ?

    Screenshot_2016-08-20-16-06-05 Screenshot_2016-08-20-16-06-41 Screenshot_2016-08-20-16-06-49 Screenshot_2016-08-20-16-06-58


    What’s your thoughts?