• What is A Full Stack Developer & Should You Become One?

    The term ‘Full-Stack Developer’ has often received a lot of flack from developers and programmers around the world. However, we should not be so quick to judge full stack developers, just because it’s receiving criticism from other developers.

    The term has always been a reason for intense discussion with a number of articles on the web suggesting that full stack developers are a myth, instead of actual developers. This is often contributed to the idea that full stack developers should know all technologies associated with web development, but that isn’t an easy task. However, that is not exactly what a full stack developer is or does.

    Let’s take a look at what a Full Stack Developer is:

    A full stack developer is not obligated to know everything there is to know about programming and development, instead it is quite the opposite. They are familiar with just enough technologies that they can design a functional website or app from scratch.

    Way in the beginning when the internet was young, you didn’t have so many divisions in developing. A person would build a complete website or program from scratch. But as the internet added more layers and become more complicated, you ended up with a lot of different languages, frameworks and programs. HTML was no longer the only language you needed to know.

    Websites now had layers, front-end, back-end, database, security, etc. This also resulted in the role of a developer splitting into the same layers – resulting in front-end developers, back-end developers, database developers, etc. Front-end developers worked on the front-end (the layer that user interacts with) of the website, while the back-end developer worked on the core (the functionality of the website).

    Now, coming back to the Full Stack Developers. These developers are not expected to understand each and every technology that is associated with building a website, but instead they only have to be proficient in a few languages and technologies that are required to build a website, app or program.

    The main problem with full stack developing is that there is no set definition of a full stack developer. The more people you ask, each will give you different answer. To some it means a person who can develop an entire website, or a person who can develop a mobile app, a few would even suggest that they can build entire programs and deploy them. Well, full stack developers are this and much more.

    The term originally derived from the stacks that developers would learn to build technologies. These were originally complicated Java Stacks, but now have become much simpler LAMP Stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Apache). The introduction of much easier technologies based on familiar languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. are simplifying the process of building websites, apps and programs.

    Now, that we’ve gone over what exactly is a Full Stack Developer, should you become one?

    In today’s world, you definitely should! Full Stack Developers are one of the most commonly hired developers as well as one of the highest paid ones. These developers come with the knowledge and experience of being able to build complete projects from scratch. They also understand the fundamentals of a project.

    Here’s are the benefits of being a full-stack developer:

    Entire Design Structure: As a full stack developer, you are not simply tied down to only one aspect of development. You can switch from front-end to back-end to create a more wholesome product that works exceptionally well and seamlessly. And since they work on the entire project, you have a better idea when something breaks and how to fix it. With different front-end and back-end teams, if something in the back-end breaks the front-end, it creates a lot of problems.

    Adaptability: As a full stack developer who is comfortable with switching from one process of development to another (i.e. from front-end to back-end), you are also more prepared to adapt when it comes to new technologies.

    Better Pay: Full Stack Developers are paid exceptionally well as the companies are no longer obligated to hire multiple people for the same project.

    Better Team Work: With more people working in the same team, there is bound to be more conversation and ideas flowing with regards to the project. While, ideas are good too much disagreement regarding something can be bad. And there are many times when the front-end might not always agree with the back-end and vice versa. With people who are less divided and more people working along the same lines, there is better team work.

    Full Stack Developers are currently trending right now, with more companies looking to hire them for their projects. This has prompted in a lot of developers now learning multiple technologies in an attempt to becoming more than just a front-end or a back-end developer. If you also want to learn how to become a full stack developer, you can definitely get your hands on different resources such as this full stack web development course by Eduonix.

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