• What apps I use and how I run my Instagram acc

    Hey guys

    Many of you are interested in what apps & websites I use, how do I run the page and so on. Its nothing fancy, nothing complicated, and I don’t think I do anything special ! Scratch that I don’t do anything special πŸ˜†

    Quick note before anyone thinks why I didn’t say girls don’t worry I’m not sexist and that would be weird analogy as I’m a girl, but “Guys” refers to a non gender group

    Mobile Apps

    Regrann – For re-posting and downloading

    I used to use the post later function, so that I could save posts I liked and publish when I wanted, I stopped using this function since Instagram released the save function.
    inShot – Minor Video edits like changing video format, changing size, portrait or landscape (recently started using)
    PixelLab – Image creation and edits

    I sometimes edit and create posts on my phone otherwise I work from my laptop.
    Photo Editor – some specific edits I like
    Instagram Layout – no explanation needed 😁
    ColorNote – For typing out captions and saving captions & automated messages for later.

    This app can be replaced with your normal notes that comes with your phone.
    Swift Key – Emoticons, pinned notes & clip board.

    I pin my list of hashtags in clip board, so I don’t need to type out every time. I was using this app for the keyboard and realized it helps quite nicely for Instagram.

    Desktop Apps

    Gimp – image creation & edits
    Corel Video Studio X8 – Video edits and creation

    Any automation services ? Nope

    I once used a website for scheduling which is cool but I didn’t really need it as I’m on Instagram all the time 😒

    Any likes or comments are from me.

    All my followers are “real people” unless a bot decided to follow me, but I haven’t paid or used any of those free followers apps or websites so yeah I had to build them up!

    You’ll be surprised at the amount of people who buy followers, pay for likes, use bots its unreal!


    I post in my ‘peak’ times as seen on Instagram demographics (Instagram business accounts)


    I have noticed accounts who have themes have a more consistent and regular impressions and interactions ? (I can’t word this part)

    Well you get what I’m talking about.

    Anyways a theme is something I can’t really create and keep for some, I tried a few times and then decided to forget the idea.

    Why I think and what I noticed about themed accounts: when you get good interaction on a post, then instagram assumes those users love that type of post, so next time the acc posts another image with a similar looking pic it says hey this person liked the post the last time lets show it on their feed again and its a never ending loop!

    General rant & info

    I post what I like, cos trying to always be up-to date with Instagram’s algorithm is frustrating and annoying! Believe me I have been on Insta soo long (before this account) they released some awesome features and made it cool but their algorithm sucks!
    What do I post: Setups that I like, repost with caption + credit, I sometimes post my own setup. Quotes, memes, jokes that I find on the web, instagram and I also create. I posts challenges which I haven’t done in a looong time!
    πŸ€‘Money ?: Do I get paid per view, like etc NOPE! There’s no monetization when it comes to Instagram like how you would get on YouTube, you get nada no money for posting and getting 1000’s of views. So yeah I run this Instagram account cos I enjoy it, its not a business for me. But getting paid would be nice so Instagram consider it!

    I do get a very few bucks from sponsored posts, but as you would notice I DON’T post adverts all the time, also I don’t charge $100’s, I also decline and limit sponsored posts for services and products that I like and/or would interest you guys. So yeah I don’t get $100’s a month so I think I can get a gofund me 😒 haha lol please don’t send me money πŸ™ˆ You can send me swag though πŸ˜„


    Must do!

    hashtags are a must!

    πŸ“Location for personal accounts help

    Interact with users are a πŸ‘

    Roam your fav # like and comment on other users posts

    If you have a private account forget it!

    Any Questions ? type em below, I will reply if it’s a quick reply otherwise I can consider making it into another blog post πŸ™‚