Types of WordPress Developers [humor + truth]

Here’s 4 types of WordPress “Developers”

The sarcastic truth ? This was not meant to hurt or offend anyone!

The real developer ?:

He/she develops their own API’s, plugins, builds up themes

customizes from raw!

The spending “developer”:

Goes and purchases plugins, themes and hires

a freelancer for any function needed that can’t be purchased

The surfer “developer”:

He/she browses through the internet looking

looking for premium plugins & themes for free.

The noob “developer”:

He/she installs plugins, uses what free resources

they can, spends hours editing the core theme

and site ends up breaking it immediately or

when new updates roll in.


Don’t be the noob developer, NEVER alter and make changes directly onto the core website or theme, you will just be asking for trouble!