Freelancer or Company owner ? | Websites & What goes with it

Am I a Freelancer or Company owner ? What you need to learn besides the actual coding of the website! I’m writing this post based on my experience and knowledge. Ummm I could be wrong statistically but that’s not my concern because I’m sharing with you what I have learnt and discovered. So this article … Read more

Learning/ Practicing coding on the GO!

Hello 🙂 Learning from your mobile ? eeh not something I’m a fan about, BUT we are often in situations where we only have access to our mobile device. Like on the bus/train on the way to work or school, waiting for a meeting or appointment. Some of you might have your laptop on you … Read more

Skills web designers should have

Hey guys, Skills web designers should have: Developers you can look into them as well! If you took a course or did research on what you need to know you will probably already know this, but sometimes “self made programmers” focus only about code and they forget about other skills that are necessary. There’s a … Read more

Become a full stack developer FREE online [Option 2]

Hey Guys 🙂 The first ‘Become a full stack developer FREE online’ included many courses from different website Become a Full Stack Web Developer FREE online freeCodeCamp is a site which it completely free – Full stack development certification Learn many languages from just one course 🙂 Website – Forum –  

Tips & Tricks to learn coding online + Full stack web development course giveaway !

Hey Guys ! Have you read our post on “Become a full stack developer for FREE” if not click HERE as some of my tips to learn to code are to do with the courses I suggested in the blog post.. So lets get cracking ! If you are studying via read books/e-books then you would want … Read more

Become a Full Stack Web Developer FREE online

Published 31/01/16 Edited: 24/03/17 Hey there, Did you know ? You can become a full stack web developer by learning online. Your own time, pace and at home. What do you need ? Internet A pc/laptop Notebook + pen You need to be eager to learn (learning online takes dedication) What will you learn ? … Read more