I just launched a range of stickers for your laptop! These stickers are budget stickers, I’m a person who likes change so I’m not prepared to pay $3 a sticker +  $$$ shipping fill my laptop up and then 6 months later I want to change and pay that much again ?! So these stickers … Read more

FREE Udemy courses

Hey, Below is URL’s to Udemy courses, the links have the coupon so just click for the course. I don’t know the limit or expiry or any details so grab while you can 😉 Swift 3 – Master Swift Development From Scratch Learn Vue 1 JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript Web Design Website From Scratch … Read more

40 resources you can learn coding/programming ONLINE

Hey Guys, So I’m a self made or online learner who learnt/learning programming/scripting.. I have paid for few stress few courses and I believe that you can avoid and learn totally free. I’m always browsing and searching for YouTube channels, websites ect to learn so here’s a few that I have spent sometime learning from.. … Read more

Become a full stack developer FREE online [Option 2]

Hey Guys 🙂 The first ‘Become a full stack developer FREE online’ included many courses from different website Become a Full Stack Web Developer FREE online freeCodeCamp is a site which it completely free – Full stack development certification Learn many languages from just one course 🙂 Website – Forum –  

Tips & Tricks to learn coding online + Full stack web development course giveaway !

Hey Guys ! Have you read our post on “Become a full stack developer for FREE” if not click HERE as some of my tips to learn to code are to do with the courses I suggested in the blog post.. So lets get cracking ! If you are studying via read books/e-books then you would want … Read more

Become a Full Stack Web Developer FREE online

Published 31/01/16 Edited: 24/03/17 Hey there, Did you know ? You can become a full stack web developer by learning online. Your own time, pace and at home. What do you need ? Internet A pc/laptop Notebook + pen You need to be eager to learn (learning online takes dedication) What will you learn ? … Read more