I get asked this question multiple times on a daily basis:

I WANT TO BE A PROGRAMMER, which language should I learn ? where do I start ?

Honestly you asking the wrong person, why you may ask? I’m a self taught person, I don’t know all the area’s, I’m no expert, I’m no mentor/guidance counselor/professor.

I was interested in websites aka web development & web design so I drove in straight didn’t look right or left at other fields and I never read up or was interested in them. Obviously being in the “programming” field made me aware of the other types of devs & programmers and the fields available, however I don’t know much about it.

The question you should ask yourself is what made you interested in programming ? 

What got your attention is what you should try!

If it was just I want to be a programmer and have no idea which field I would suggest reading up on different paths maybe speaking to devs in that field explore a bit and see if its something that interests you.


As I said on Instagram before: I’m flattered that you guys are ready to taken a path that I suggest, but it should be you making the decision.

Go speak to your tech teacher/professor get some advice from him/her, speak to people that know you and your interests they will be able to help you make a decision.

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WEB: Path/career options, what (languages) to learn

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