• Some language & library updates [HTML, CSS, jQuery & more]

    CSS Updates & information 

    CSS4 ?

    Rumor has it that CSS4 is on its way..

    Well yes and no … Its being referred to as  Selectors Level 4 some say its CSS4 some say its not ?
    Since the latest version is CSS3 and is referred to as Selectors Level 3 so if level 3 is called CSS3 then level 4 will be known as CSS4 .. So all those saying its different I beg you to explain !

    W3.ORG has posted (work in progress):

    • Selectors Level 4 ~ working draft – here(2013) here(2011)
    • CSS Color Module Level 4 ~ working draft – here
    • CSS Pseudo-Elements Module ~ working draft – here

    CSS4 is coming what you need to know – tutsplus.com

    HTML Updates & information 

    HTML6 ?

    Rumor has it that HTML6 is on its way..
    So I went hunting !

    On to HTML, most of the recent posts I’m seeing “HTML6 & CSS4”, while CSS4 is being drafted I see no evidence of HTML6.

    While HTML5.1 is the latest version HTML5.2 is a working draft.
    I don’t see HTML6 coming out soon -says a professor and its also my take who knows I could be wrong

    PHP Updates & information 

    PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2 Released – 27 Jun 2016


    Download Page                                 Windows sources and binaries

    jQuery Updates & information 

    jQuery 3.0 Final Released! – 9 June 2016

    3.0 Upgrade Guide               jQuery Migrate 3.0 plugin

    more info – official release article



    What are your thoughts ?