• Skills web designers should have

    Hey guys,

    Skills web designers should have:

    Developers you can look into them as well!

    If you took a course or did research on what you need to know you will probably already know this, but sometimes “self made programmers” focus only about code and they forget about other skills that are necessary.

    There’s a few listed here that is found basically everywhere,
    but I have added a few more which I think is beneficial.

    Before we carry on I did a post: Path Career options, what languages to learn in this post I specified what needs to be covered etc, here I would like to explain and give further details.


    Graphic design

    You will need some design skills to be a web designer, you might its different: web design and graphic design is different, yes its different but taking a short design course online will help you immensely!

    You will be able to design your own headers and images for the site instead of hiring someone to do it.

    Typography: plays a huge role in design.
    You will learn what fonts compliment each other, when and in what context should which fonts be used.
    Typography will also make a huge difference to your site as unreadable text sending viewers flying!

    Colo(u)r theory: One of the most important features of a website, as colors can attract people to the site or send them away,
    You will learn about warm vs cool colors, you will learn which colors complement each other and many more.
     I took this graphic design.


    Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO is a huge topic and its a field on its own, but there’s a few tricks of the trade that make it easier to understand and follow. A post I posted a year ago but have a look at it, as it still can be helpful.

    As I mentioned in the post that there’s video’s and books etc saying get this listed on first page bla bla bla do this and that yes it can be possible but SEO is not magic and it all depends on the website on hand:

    • The name (popular vs non-popular)
    • Domain
    • GEO
    • Content (images, text, pages)
    • Meta tags
    • Responsiveness

    In the end it all goes down to Google, are they happy or not. They have they bots which run through the site check for the requirements if fulfilled or not etc

    Marketing & SMM

    Social media Marketing

    Marketing before and still now but not as much was in papers, billboards pamphlets etc.                                                 Now everyone focuses online as that’s where your clients are browsing.

    I feel like I don’t need to explain this point, but believe me when you take a course you will get shocked I did! You don’t realise all the major yet minor details. I took these courses: SMM, Marketing


    Content Management System

    Now you probably thought I took it a step to far ? I agree not needed but its good to know,
    You just need to learn the basics of maybe choose one of the Popular CMS’s.

    This is something that will help you if you have freelance or run a small business people come in wanting help with their existing sites or want an affordable e-commerce site that they can manage and that’s where CMS comes in!

    Other bits and bobs!

    Domain, cPanel, hosting and all that’s involved with it.

    Learning about how cPanel works, work your way around it, Some:

    • Methods of FTP uploading
    • Email setups
    • Cron jobs
    • Redirects
    • PHPmyAdmin – Databases 
    • MX records
    • Nameservers
    • How domains work
    • Certificates 

    and more…

    Its nothing difficult but you still have to read through and get your way around.

    Aaand I think that’s it, if you would like to add anything on please comment below.

    Thanks ?

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