• SEO tips

    Before I go into my tips first let me tell you a little about what I understand and think of SEO !

    I have watched 100’s of video’s, read so many article’s on SEO its amazing you would think I gained much knowledge from all of this  right ? But no…

    SEO is not like do this do that bham your website is listed first on google results or even listed… No no its not simple, it’s not a hard procedure anyway.

    With SEO there’s a few things which might get you listed if your site looks appealing to Google. So at the end of the day it all comes down to Google’s decision.

    DON’T get fooled with the title Get listed first on Google in 5 minutes !

    A few things that makes helps your site with SEO is:

    • Many pages (having little content on your website is not good)
    • Not to have more images than text as google is looking for information.
    • Meta description
    • Meta tags
    • Social media links
    • Back links help as well though don’t do anything illegal.

    These are a few steps I go through after uploading a website.

    • Submit URL to Google LINK
    • Add website property to Google LINK
      • Under Google webmaster     ^
      • Add sitemap
      • Verify your site
      • Choose Country (if you want only a certain country)
      • Under the crawl section – fetch as Google
        • There is many more sections under webmaster tools which you can explore
    • Highlight your website data LINK
    • Set up a Google Business page (make sure to get everything verified)
    • If you want go ahead and submit URL to Bing and other search engines.
    • It would also be helpful to go ahead and advertise your website on all of your social media.

    That’s all that I use and could think of, after that its up to Google. Sometimes your site takes days to appear and at other times months..

    There’s always the option of Google AdWords if you are willing to pay..

    Good luck guys !