• Self made programmers, how to study [tips,expl]


    This post was written by an anonymous none “graduate” programmer,
    basically he self learnt online(self made programmer).
    Here’s his explanation on how his experience was, what helped him, his tips and tricks!

    Self made programmers

    Who are they?

    They are programmers who have not gone to Uni/college/classes or have not done a “proper course(diploma/degree)”.

    How they learn ?

    They use either or all:

    • Books
    • eBooks
    • Video tutorials (YouTube and other websites)
    • Those mini courses online which are not “official”
    • Step by step guides/tutorials

    Pros/ Cons and info to keep in mind

    • Learn when you want, where and how long you want to!
    • No exams
    • No assignments
    • Sleep, eat, wake up whatever time you wish.
    • You need to have discipline as there’s no one to tell you get back to studying, there’s no exam you have to prepare for, obviously if you studying it you want to study it but its easy to get distracted and a 5 min break turns into a 50 min break.
    • When things get tough and you stuck there’s no one but forums to help you out to guide and encourage you(unless you have a programmer friend/family member)
    • There’s no one to guide you, you need to pave your own path. Research and find out if you’re going in the right direction.
    • For each language you want to learn you need to find different resources and that doesn’t cover everything, you need to keep on searching and learning more.
    • Minor & major sideline info which normally a lecturer will explain is not found!

    How to study

    learn from what, where, how ?

    If you chose this part than you can study from wherever and however you want !!!
    Some people prefer video’s, some prefer books, you need to try them both and see which one you find easier. There’s also mini courses online(free) see the section learn

    No matter which method you chose you should always remember practice as you learn, follow along the tutorial and make sure you understand what is going on, take down notes if needed though practice is the best! Build websites, mini programs while you are learning because that is how you learn.

    If you have questions, you’re stuck go to the programming forums like stackoverflow ect post your question if you don’t want to just google it you will find an answer somewhere!

    To be continued with next post on path/career options[what (languages) to learn]

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