• Q & A – Web Devs addition with myself AKA @CodingQuotes


    So I have always been quite private about my personal life which make people ask even more questions (I think ?)

    Often the questions are repeated by different users, Replying to the same questions on DM gets boring so I thought I’d rather make a blog post also I couldn’t think of anything to blog about so if you have any suggestions email me code@programmerlife.club or if you have an article you would like to share. Going back on the topic so I get flooded with questions on my DM and I uploaded (and took down) a post I asked you to ask me questions. So I’m going to sort through and answer a few!

    I’m no Guru in the field its my personal opinion and yeah!

    20 questions with me!

    The lady (yes I’m a girl) behind programmerlife.club and @CodingQuotes

    1. What is your name ?
      I don’t wish to share
    2. Where do you live ?
      South Africa
    3. How old you are ?
      Hmmm.. Lets just say I’m born in the late 90’s
    4. Where did you study ?
      I’m self taught so everything I know is from YouTube video’s, online courses, documentations and not forgetting I learnt a thing or two from Stackoverflow
    5. What did you start learning with ?
      I started with scripting in HTML, server-side language PHP
    6. Why choose that language ?
      HTML Cos I was interested in website (still am)
      PHPCos it works nicely with js, jquery and also cos I work with WordPress which uses PHP
    7. What editor you use ?
      Sublime Text (I’m not fussy)
    8. How much money do you make ?
      Nice question lets move on shall we 😉
    9. Can I work with you ?
      No sorry
    10. Can you hire me ?
      No thanks I work solo and loving it
    11. I want to learn programming where should I start ?
      I can’t specifically tell you as I don’t know which path you wish to take
    12. What is the best programming language ?
      I don’t know honestly ?
    13. Do you hack ?
    14. Can you teach me to hack ?
      Nope I don’t hack and don’t wish to!
    15. Can you help me with an error ?
      Sorry try stackoverflow.com ?
    16. Can you checkout my website and give your opinion ?
      Sure! Tag me in it and then send me a DM 🙂
    17. What’s your favourite programming language ?
    18. Are you human ?
      Sorry I didn’t catch that! ?
    19. What is your actual job title ? What pays the bills? It can’t be this IG page can it… ???
      No I hardly earn anything from IG, like 1 sponsored post every 2-3 months ?I enjoy running the page its not a business to me. I run a mini company (don’t wish to share the name) where I offer hosting, domains, websites ect.
    20. Are you a mac or pc person ?
      PC, Dual boot Ubuntu & Win10
      Laptop: windows 10 and another pc with Ubuntu 17.10