Free courses!

Hey guys, Here’s a few FREE courses: When you click on these URL’s coupon is automatically added on. Availability time & quantity unknown so grab while you can ­čśÇ The Complete Java Developer Course The Complete Android N App Development Django Core | A Reference Guide to Core Django Concepts Introduction to programming with Python … Read more

Skills web designers should have

Hey guys, Skills web designers should have: Developers you can look into them as well! If you took a course or did research on what you need to know you will probably already know this, but sometimes “self made programmers” focus only about code and they forget about other skills that are necessary. There’s a … Read more

Do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? [FREELANCER]

As a freelance developer do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? CMS – Content Management System The BIG question is: I know how to program a website/system why should I learn how to use someone else’s. My point, opinion, experience(YES experience) and research is: Using CMS systems like WordPress for blogging, … Read more

Path/career options, what (languages) to learn

Hey programmers, This is actually a post I have been wanting to make from a long time, as I have mentioned languages to learn, where to learn, tips to learn but no explanation on what languages for which path. So its actually part of:┬áSelf made programmers, how to study [tips,expl] Web Developer: Basic web languages: … Read more

Self made programmers, how to study [tips,expl]

Hello, This post was written by an anonymous┬ánone “graduate” programmer, basically he self learnt online(self made programmer). Here’s his explanation on how his experience was, what helped him, his tips and tricks! Self made programmers Who are they? They are programmers who have not gone to Uni/college/classes or have not done a “proper course(diploma/degree)”. How … Read more