• Mobile apps for programmers

    Hey Guys,

    These are some apps which I use, I am a web developer and I host a few websites so sometimes when I’m on the go I need to quickly edit or do something and these apps help me do my work.

    I have an android device so all these apps work fantastically on my device, for those using IOS Apple: some apps are available in apple as well thankfully but unfortunately not tested by me on an Apple device … So leave a comment




    CodePad really nice Syntax, allows you to create, edit and also you can run your HTML and see the results

    Android – Google Play

    I found an alternative for iPhone

    iEditor – Text/Code Editor (If you are using a better one pls comment)

    IOS – Apple Store



    Hacker’s keyboard

    It is really nice for when typing in coding, has Shift, ALT, Ctrl, Windows key ect.. It is said to be discontinued due to the app not being updated since 2013 but it works perfectly, So I shall enjoy it whilst it lasts !

    Android – Google Play 

    I searched and looked for an alternative in Apple store however unsuccessful .. Sorry iPhone owners


    cPanel for those who use it … No explanation needed

    Android – Google Play                        IOS – Apple Store



    AirDroid – For android   Google Play

    Sharing files between phone – tab – desktop
    Mirror phone to desktop
    Get your phone notification

    I found an alternative for Apple: Instashare Air Drop   Apple Store

    *Please rate and comment on the apps that I mentioned it in the comments below so I know Thanks and if you have better alternatives let me know..


    These are some apps that I have on my phone and find it useful :