• How to stay focused being a freelancer / self study


    So I got asked on tips for people working from home how to stay focused and motivated. So I decided to make this for both Freelancers, those self studying.

    Before we carry on ask yourself the following:

    • Do you enjoy what you are doing ?
    • Is this your choice ?
    • What’s your aim & driving factor
    • Why ?

    Now hold those thoughts!

    Do you enjoy what you are doing ?

    Something I find very important when it comes to career is that you enjoy it and you’re not doing just cos you want fame and / or money. Obviously you need a job you need to be able to provide for yourself & family currently or in the future, So you would have to find a reasonable career (get what I’m saying)

    If you love what you do it often isn’t ‘work’ its just you enjoying yourself and doing what you like.


    Is this your choice ?

    I’m afraid if you are forced to do something you will be miserable and obviously won’t enjoy it, you would be starting the day with a negative attitude and that’s not going to work.

    What you can do is try and get out of the situation but I guess that’s not possible otherwise you would be out so you would have to try and get a different attitude and light on the situation.

    Maybe find out and read the positive outcome about the field maybe that will get you motivated.


    What’s your aim & driving factor && Why

    Striving for fame: might keep you on the edge and not satisfied try and change your aim.

    When feeling demotivated its good to think why you chose this, also think about your aim.

    Sometimes your mind will argue with you saying you not good enough and you can’t do it and then you probably have and inner battle (unless I’m the only weird one ?) its a good time to think to yourself and prove yourself wrong by completing the task successfully.


    REMEMBER keep striving you could be a step away from success !

    If you quit you will never know!

    You’re NOT a Quitter so don’t even think about it!


    Getting distracted ?

    Something very challenging for people working from home / studying solo. There’s no office / classroom environment and there’s no one keeping you in check!

    Make you area:

    If you have a designated room as your ‘office / study room’ that’s good as it will keep you a bit more focused and you will feel more driven if not then make your little work/study are in your room.

    Have desk, chair, necessary accessories and supplies, keep water and whatever you will need with you so that you won’t need to get up and then you could get distracted.

    Making a timetable:

    Studying / working you need a timetable if you write it down excellent but even if you make one up in your mind that too is good!


    ? 07:30         Wake up

    07:35 – 08:45  Breakfast, Gym, Social Media (whatever personal work)

    08:45 – 09:00  News, emails

    09:00 – 12:30  Work/ Study   3 X 5min breaks w/ air & water (no screen)

    12:30 – 13:30  Lunch, chores, break

    13:30 – 17:00  Work/ Study 4 X 5min breaks w/ air & water (no screen)

    17:00 – 18:30  Free time + dinner

    18:30 – 19:00  Emails + Social Media

    19:00 – 20:00  Work / Study

    ? 22:00         Sleep


    This is just a guide line adjust as you require.

    Approx. 7 hours of work / study