How To Get A Temporary E-Mail Account

There are times when we want to register somewhere just to access something but you don’t want to use your personal mail account for it.

Well not a problem, I’m sharing an awesome online website that allows you to create a temporary email account for 10 minutes (time limit can be extended) just for that purpose!

To get a temporary 10 minute email account simply go to and you’ll have your very own temporary email address! Note that every time you refresh the page the email will remain the same unless you change your network or the email has expired.

You can also reset the timer to 10 minutes to prevent the email from expiring by clicking the hyperlink available below the box where your email address is shown.

As long as the email has not expired you will receive messages on it without any problem. Here’s an example:

As you can see in the images, you can receive emails from anyone on the temporary email and also reply to those mails. Enjoy!

Source: Areeb Beigh