• Healthy programming and studying!

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    Something I think is really important and its not spoken much of is:
    Healthy programming I’m not talking about food here,

    I’m talking about your mind, concentration and eyesight and more.


    Something a lot of us take for granted!

    When it comes to us programmers and people working behind the screen the entire day, we damage our eyes because of our actions, lets talk about what we can do to keep your eyes good (if they are) or maintain your current eye strength.

    There’s a few points here:


    Working in a dim room ?
    Working at night with a small lamp ?

    Lighting is really important, having cool different color lights in a dark room looks awesome take your picture for Instagram and tumbler then switch on your over head light and get back to work!

    Working with incorrect lighting is very common and causes a lot of damage

    Screen Brightness, Glare

    Adjust your monitors settings according to the situation,
    bright screens cause strain, people also use certain glasses to protect their eyes from screen glare.


    Straining your eyes by looking or reading small text, increase the font size, zoom in your browser do whatever you want but don’t strain!

    Eyesight, Back & Neck

    Angle, Posture

    Your work station, are you inline with your screen ? This is not only about eyesight but also about your back and neck.

    Sit up straight NO SLOUCHING!, keep your head up high in a natural position, not tilting down or up.

    If your screen is not in eye level with yourself you will be causing strain on your eyes, straining your neck or even slouching. Straining the neck can cause a lot of discomfort, pain also headaches but even worse permanent damage if done regularly.

    Mind, Concentration 

    They work hand in hand actually,

    Over thinking can get you stressed out and make you loose your concentration.

    Your environment where you are working makes a huge difference to your concentration, make sure there isn’t noise to distract you, people walking in all the time, radio or TV blasting in the background, you know what distracts you so can take care of it.

    Working for long periods of time with no break can get you over working and your mind will get frustrated and tired that’s why its important to take breaks.

    Clear your mind when working, don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future but rather stay focused on the present time. Take lesson from the past and your mistakes and move on.

    Taking breaks

    This wraps it all together, its something you need physically and mentally.

    Breaks are crucial!

    With regards to eyesight some say everything 30 min one should look away from the screen for a few minutes and then go back to maintain a good eyesight – don’t quote me, I have no idea could be wrong, but sounds logical so maybe try it ?

    Sometimes we (I’m guilty sometimes) take breaks but we go to another screen we play/browse on our phones, that’s something that somewhat to a percentage mentally calms us but physically not. That should be something we do when we take a break from studying or programming but not when we take THE break we need ! (our body needs)

    Walking outside, getting fresh air is the perfect break!

    Drink of water also calms and re freshens.

    When frustrated or angry  

    Its the time when you are banging your head and palms on your desk, sometimes a walk outside is just not enough you need something more physical, trying push ups or a run or if you have a boxing bag then have a way with it!

    Wow this is probably thee most serious article I have written.
    Speak out your thoughts and share your input.