• Healthy Programming Part 2 | Bad habits I’ve formed

    Hey everyone 👋
    This is a part two and it attacks eating & lifestyle habits rather than the topics I addressed in part one which was about the mind, concentration and eyesight.

    I’m no expert and I’m not here to tell you what’s a proper lifestyle. This post is more of a story time and reflections on what bad habits I’ve formed and how you can avoid it.

    Food & Exercise

    Growing up I was an active kid (Not in any teams or clubs, just with friends & by myself). Outside playing random games & sports. I also would play a lot of pc games but that was mostly in the evening.

    When I started coding I was spending more and more time sitting behind the screen, even when I wasn’t coding I would still be using the computer.

    Eating junk food was my go to! When taking a break, when I was frustrated, when I was hungry.

    I started picking up weight but it wasn’t a lot like many people didn’t notice it and it was quite gradual. I could feel and see it. Leaving out the weight part the junk food wasn’t good for me along with not exercise as I would feel very low on energy despite the sugar, productivity wasn’t the best. The lifestyle just wasn’t good.


    I was getting headaches quite often, and there are a few reasons for this:

    • Lack of sleep
    • Stress – not being productive enough thus stressing about the work
    • Lack of exercise
    • Water !!! – can’t stress enough
    • Eyes – Many people experience because of time spent behind the computer so strain

    Lack of sleep

    You need sleep, not only to avoid headaches.

    Two years back I was pushing myself really hard. I had this peak in my business and I was just overworking myself. I was seeing how programmers are up till 4 am and they just keep on working and I felt like the right thing to do was to get my projects done in a short span of time by working long hours and driving myself crazy.

    It didn’t work out as after a while of doing that my body couldn’t handle it, some people can some people can’t. But even if your body can I wouldn’t advise it as there’s a reason why we sleep 😁 take that time to rejuvenate.

    Not working as hard as the memes say or those on social media is normal and nothing is wrong with it.
    I got to sleep around 10:30 and wake up around 6. At one time I felt embarrassed to say this as it felt as though everyone else in the programming community only had about 4 hours of sleep and here I sleep like a queen. I know if I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep I wake up with a headache and that headache is going to affect my productivity so I rather sleep and have a happy productive day.

    See what works out best for yourself and your body!


    I shouldn’t be advising you on this as I am very weak at this and I am n00b here 😉
    Anyways when I visited my Dr she said that even if your lifestyle doesn’t include you going to a gym, a few stretches and moves to get your blood circulated will help and yeah she was right!


    If you think coffee gives you energy then try this, when you wake up (on empty stomach) drink 2 glasses of water and see how good you feel! Never mind that water makes such a difference at any time!


    I let programming take over my life and I didn’t like the result of it as I didn’t worry about my daily lifestyle. Everyone is different and I can’t tell you what will work out best for you as it is up to you to figure that out.

    • Don’t let yourself swap out meals for quick & dirty food
    • Don’t stop your physical activities
    • Don’t use programming as an excuse to eat unhealthy or to not go to the gym
    • If you see yourself making bad habits stop yourself
    • Take care of yourself

    Sometimes we just need to take a walk outside, reflect and think and that’s when you find out what you need to do or change 😃

    Speak out your thoughts and share your input

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