• Giveaway

    Giveaway everyday till 100K !

    As many of you might have known I ran a campaign selling custom designed stickers, well stocks are low so I pulled them off the store and kept it aside to give it away to you guys ! As you can see in the picture there’s a few stacks. I’ll be announcing the start, end & winners on instagram.

    Giveaway number 1:

    CONGRATULATIONS to: Alvaro IG: alvaromartinez97 Email: al******7@***mail.com

    Giveaway number 2:

    Its HUGE!

    Stand a chance to win a pack of stickers & 8 Udemy courses!

    Congratulations to: Vizzy IG: @its_vizzyfromtheblissbaby Email: vi***a*************205@gmail.com

    Giveaway number 3:

    Congratulations @_harry_09

    Final sticker giveaway to @valerybabushkina

    Some rules & Conditions

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