• Gifts for programmers under $25


    So its that time of the year again: Year End !?

    Many companies & families get together and throw parties respectively, and in this people like exchanging gifts 🙂

    I made this post for those of you who wants to buy something for your employees, co-workers, friends, teachers or whichever devs you know 😉

    OR maybe you have family or friends that want to buy you something but doesn’t know where to look hmmm send them this post and you know you’ll get something awesome!


    DevStickers from $1.25

    ByteSwag a pack for $14.99


    Dev.to from $18 tshirt $9.99

    Codergirl coding tees $25

    Varianto:25 @ $20 now on sale $18

    Linux Sugar Skull T-shirt $20

    Too many designs to count from $19 go!


    Varianto:25 many designs @ $15

    dvlpr many designs $14

    Python coded mug $15.95

    JS coded mug $13.95

    I turn coffee into code $16.70

    HTML mug $13.50

    CSS is awesome $16.75

    Binary joke mug $11.99


    DVLPR iPhone cases @ $19.95

    Dev coasters $16.99 for a set Go!


    Binary tie $24.95

    Varianto:25 for books, stickers, bags, mouse pads, wallpaper & cards from @ $3

    Binary mouse pad $0.99 go!

    Coder iPhone case $17.95

    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo $15.99 go!

    Eat, sleep, code, repeat tucker hat 14.95

    Binary party hat $1.90 go!

    JS flip flops (F) & (M) $19.99

    Binary wrapping paper $20.99