• Freelancer or Company owner ? | Websites & What goes with it

    Am I a Freelancer or Company owner ? What you need to learn besides the actual coding of the website!

    I’m writing this post based on my experience and knowledge. Ummm I could be wrong statistically but that’s not my concern because I’m sharing with you what I have learnt and discovered.

    So this article is for people who are web designers & developers and are freelancing, if you’re working for someone feel free to read but probably won’t apply.

    I’m both a Freelancer or Company owner ?! How it attracts different clients

    I run a mini company which I offer hosting, domains, SEO, minor graphic design, websites (obviously !) So I have a nice system setup to manage the domains, hosting accounts, for billing & ticketing having the whole business vibe going!

    Then I’m seen as a freelancer to those who just contact me and want a quick job done without any fluff. Pay once and they gone for a few months and they back for another small job or sometimes its once off!

    Those who see me as a company and get hosting from me along with everything else, ensures me a client long term as well as a steady amount monthly. Not only does the hosting part ensure that steady income but also website maintenance & management which I include with my hosting so as a package, many don’t like to offer this as its small petty work that can be done by the client (when it comes to CMS systems) I offer it and it makes such a huge difference. You are ensuring you keep that client with you, like I get a few clients who need help managing their CMS system who didn’t even get it designed & setup by me, but the person who did it charges way too much or doesn’t offer the service.

    So by me offering everything it keeps my client from wandering, like I gained a client by offering extra’s which another company didn’t so she moved over to me so she can pay one person and get everything done from one company.

    In regards to $$$ when you offer hosting & management you can set a monthly price & limit so if they got work you do it if there’s no work yay but you still getting you $$$ for the month.


    Why its better to have the company vibe & offer more than just a website:

    So I wrote this article on Skills web designers should have at the beginning of the year have a loot at it as I won’t be discussing it as its already there!

    So to the reason!

    Companies & Business owners go for the best, most affordable & easiest, well we all go for that right ?!

    EASIEST in this case means getting everything in one place. Its like when you are building or renovating your house you don’t want to call the plumber, carpenter, electrician and all the other service guys and worry if they all doing their job correctly, you’ll probably opt for a contractor. In the same way business owners don’t want to go to a designer, a developer, a hosting company, a marketer and so on!

    So what you need to do is offer it all!

    Its easier said than done 🙂 In the article above I mentioned we should learn the skills instead of going and outsourcing, well I’m changing my statement for this case, if you’re getting projects lined up and don’t have time to learn or do all the bits and bobs or you just don’t have the forte for it.

    You can hire people part time or full time depending on how busy your ‘business is’ or you can outsource!

    I’ve lost a few clients because of this, I don’t offer marketing (hopefully will start) and the company representative or owner said no they want someone to manage their website and handle everything else!

    Thanks, I hope this has helped you !
    Wish you all the best 👋

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