Coding Quotes programming swag !

Hello Guys,

Hope you having an awesome and a productive bug free programming day!

I created a store on Zazzle awhile back but didn’t really sit down design and think of some awesome swag, so that’s what I did.


I have had this idea for a few months but didn’t know how to go about as my followers are from all over, being based in one location shipping fees and conversion between currencies kill!

So Zazzle was a site I went back to, they quite reasonable and they have sites for respective countries but also a worldwide store, so bingo ? I got what I needed.


I have been thinking of some design, quotes, while looking at other quotes on t-shirts trying to make it a programmers line. Lots of different idea’s were running through my mind the past month, I wrote them down and picked a few for this month, maybe I can introduce one a month ?


Gonna program till I drop coders gonna code code programmers rock!

? $16 each

An awesome option by Zazzle is that you can change to a different type of clothing and keep the design.


Front and back -This is a gift card, I think its cute to give to a programming GF or BF 😉 Its $3