Types of WordPress Developers [humor + truth]

Here’s 4 types of WordPress “Developers” The sarcastic truth ? This was not meant to hurt or offend anyone! The real developer ?: He/she develops their own API’s, plugins, builds up themes customizes from raw! The spending “developer”: Goes and purchases plugins, themes and hires a freelancer for any function needed that can’t be purchased … Read more

Why (I) use WordPress

Why use WordPress / Why I use WordPress Also applies to other CMS Systems This question is always asked not only to me but I see it in the comments of many other Instagram posts. It is also frowned upon by many! (and that’s understandable) People have different opinions, personal choice, business choices, appearance ect … Read more

Common vulnerabilities and securtity measures

The evolution of technology brings a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages. Hacking tools are becoming easier to get and use, everything that’s connected to a network can be hacked, every system has vulnerabilities so¬†“No system is safe”, but you can always follow some security measures that i will provide at the end of … Read more

Do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? [FREELANCER]

As a freelance developer do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? CMS – Content Management System The BIG question is: I know how to program a website/system why should I learn how to use someone else’s. My point, opinion, experience(YES experience) and research is: Using CMS systems like WordPress for blogging, … Read more