Freelancer or Company owner ? | Websites & What goes with it

Am I a Freelancer or Company owner ? What you need to learn besides the actual coding of the website! I’m writing this post based on my experience and knowledge. Ummm I could be wrong statistically but that’s not my concern because I’m sharing with you what I have learnt and discovered. So this article … Read more

Learning/ Practicing coding on the GO!

Hello 🙂 Learning from your mobile ? eeh not something I’m a fan about, BUT we are often in situations where we only have access to our mobile device. Like on the bus/train on the way to work or school, waiting for a meeting or appointment. Some of you might have your laptop on you … Read more

Why (I) use WordPress

Why use WordPress / Why I use WordPress Also applies to other CMS Systems   This question is always asked not only to me but I see it in the comments of many other Instagram posts. It is also frowned upon by many! (and that’s understandable) People have different opinions, personal choice, business choices, appearance … Read more

Common vulnerabilities and securtity measures

The evolution of technology brings a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages. Hacking tools are becoming easier to get and use, everything that’s connected to a network can be hacked, every system has vulnerabilities so “No system is safe”, but you can always follow some security measures that i will provide at the end of … Read more

Skills web designers should have

Hey guys, Skills web designers should have: Developers you can look into them as well! If you took a course or did research on what you need to know you will probably already know this, but sometimes “self made programmers” focus only about code and they forget about other skills that are necessary. There’s a … Read more

Do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? [FREELANCER]

As a freelance developer do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? CMS – Content Management System The BIG question is: I know how to program a website/system why should I learn how to use someone else’s. My point, opinion, experience(YES experience) and research is: Using CMS systems like WordPress for blogging, … Read more