Some language & library updates [HTML, CSS, jQuery & more]

CSS Updates & information  CSS4 ? Rumor has it that CSS4 is on its way.. Well yes and no … Its being referred to as  Selectors Level 4 some say its CSS4 some say its not ? Since the latest version is CSS3 and is referred to as Selectors Level 3 so if level 3 is called CSS3 … Read more

If we take a look at the numbers, Apple’s OS X and Linux stand nowhere when compared to Windows PCs. However, these operating systems are favorite among developers who spend their day and night in front of computer screens to make and break new things. The results of Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 are out … Read more

World’s tech billionaires !

Dream of being a billionaire ? You are heading in the right direction. Bill Gates – Microsoft Net of  75 Billion ! While Bill is not only the richest tech guy but also the richest billionaire !   Read more on Forbes