Common vulnerabilities and securtity measures

The evolution of technology brings a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages. Hacking tools are becoming easier to get and use, everything that’s connected to a network can be hacked, every system has vulnerabilities so “No system is safe”, but you can always follow some security measures that i will provide at the end of … Read more

Do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? [FREELANCER]

As a freelance developer do I need to know how to use CMS systems ? CMS – Content Management System The BIG question is: I know how to program a website/system why should I learn how to use someone else’s. My point, opinion, experience(YES experience) and research is: Using CMS systems like WordPress for blogging, … Read more

Some language & library updates [HTML, CSS, jQuery & more]

CSS Updates & information  CSS4 ? Rumor has it that CSS4 is on its way.. Well yes and no … Its being referred to as  Selectors Level 4 some say its CSS4 some say its not ? Since the latest version is CSS3 and is referred to as Selectors Level 3 so if level 3 is called CSS3 … Read more

How To Get Android N Preview

On MARCH 10, 2016 through a Medium post, Hiroshi Lockeimer, Google’s SVP for Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast, told the world that the Android team wished to release the preview earlier than ever to gather more data from developers and improve the final product. He said that this will also ensure that Google will be able to … Read more

If we take a look at the numbers, Apple’s OS X and Linux stand nowhere when compared to Windows PCs. However, these operating systems are favorite among developers who spend their day and night in front of computer screens to make and break new things. The results of Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 are out … Read more

How To Get A Temporary E-Mail Account

There are times when we want to register somewhere just to access something but you don’t want to use your personal mail account for it. Well not a problem, I’m sharing an awesome online website that allows you to create a temporary email account for 10 minutes (time limit can be extended) just for that … Read more