Becoming a Full Stack Developer Self-taught + My experience & tips

Becoming a Full Stack Developer Self-taught My experience, advice & tips Hey, So I am a self-taught web dev & designer, I’ve learnt (& still learn) via many free & premium resources online, mostly free at the beginning. So I’d like to share with you some tips, resources, my mistakes & experiences. Sharing what I … Read more

Learning/ Practicing coding on the GO!

Hello 🙂 Learning from your mobile ? eeh not something I’m a fan about, BUT we are often in situations where we only have access to our mobile device. Like on the bus/train on the way to work or school, waiting for a meeting or appointment. Some of you might have your laptop on you … Read more

How to stay focused being a freelancer / self study

Hey, So I got asked on tips for people working from home how to stay focused and motivated. So I decided to make this for both Freelancers, those self studying. Before we carry on ask yourself the following: Do you enjoy what you are doing ? Is this your choice ? What’s your aim & … Read more

Healthy programming & studying!

echo “Hello!”; Something I think is really important and its not spoken much of is: Healthy programming I’m not talking about food here, I’m talking about your mind, concentration and eyesight and more. Eyesight: Something a lot of us take for granted! When it comes to us programmers and people working behind the screen the … Read more

Skills web designers should have

Hey guys, Skills web designers should have: Developers you can look into them as well! If you took a course or did research on what you need to know you will probably already know this, but sometimes “self made programmers” focus only about code and they forget about other skills that are necessary. There’s a … Read more

Path/career options, what (languages) to learn

Hey programmers, This is actually a post I have been wanting to make from a long time, as I have mentioned languages to learn, where to learn, tips to learn but no explanation on what languages for which path. So its actually part of: Self made programmers, how to study [tips,expl] Web Developer: Basic web languages: … Read more