Learning/ Practicing coding on the GO!

Hello 🙂 Learning from your mobile ? eeh not something I’m a fan about, BUT we are often in situations where we only have access to our mobile device. Like on the bus/train on the way to work or school, waiting for a meeting or appointment. Some of you might have your laptop on you … Read more

How To Prompt For Passwords In Python (GUI)

Hey guys, I’ll be showing you a quick and easy way to get a password prompt GUI screen in Python using an additional module named PyAutoGUI. This is a cross-platform GUI automation for human beings, makes life much easier. Installation First of course you need to install the module. That you can do using pip install … Read more

Let Your Computer Greet You On Boot

Hey guys, As my first tutorial on this blog I’ll be showing you how to make your computer welcome / greet you on booting up. I’ll be showing you two methods, first, using Visual Basic and second using Python. Visual Basic In visual basic it’s pretty much straight forward. Simple use the code below and … Read more