What’s going on Google ?? [Google APPS]

Are you a huge Google fan ❓ I think I can be considered a Google fan, I use Chrome on all my devices I rely on Google for my passwords Android device manager secures my phone YouTube entertains me Gmail/Inbox by Gmail I use multiple times a day I can go on I use Google products … Read more

How To Get Android N Preview

On MARCH 10, 2016 through a Medium post, Hiroshi Lockeimer, Google’s SVP for Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast, told the world that the Android team wished to release the preview earlier than ever to gather more data from developers and improve the final product. He said that this will also ensure that Google will be able to … Read more

Mobile apps for programmers

Hey Guys, These are some apps which I use, I am a web developer and I host a few websites so sometimes when I’m on the go I need to quickly edit or do something and these apps help me do my work. I have an android device so all these apps work fantastically on … Read more