Can programmers live without ???….

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Sooo awhile back I asked you guys for 5 applications/websites you NEED or always use, I was going to make it this article and then I thought I should ask you guys see if my list was similar/same to your’s (I know it was a month ago) apologies some sudden events occurred thus the set back. Anyways back to the list obviously everyone won’t have the exact same 5 so I took the most common and instead of saying Safari I will say a browser and so on. Oh and by the way my list was exactly the same as 70% of the comments..



Things really don’t know what to call it applications & websites ??

  1. A browser – My preference is Chrome because of the features (ANYTHING BUT IE)
  2. An IDE – mostly Atom & Sublime
  3. Stack overflow
  4. A server
  5. Github

PS. I’m not a writer I type like how I would speak, is this a weird way of blogging ?

Please give your feedback as I really want to know what you think! (Don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings ❤)

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