• Can programmers live without ???… [Part 2]

    PART ONE – Regarding applications and websites

    Hello Awesome programmers/coders!

    Hope you having a fantastic & productive day behind the screen ?

    15 items a programmer lives with:

    See part one for applications & websites

    1. Computer
    2. A smartphone [Android my choice]
    3. Wifi/Data – The most that you can get your hands on
    4. Coffee
    5. Food! – Lots of food and drink
    6. Snacks
    7. Earphones
    8. Monitors
    9. Mouse
    10. Keyboard
    11. A nice work station [desk, chair]
    12. Hard drive
    13. USB Flash
    14. Cables
    15. Some programmer books

    I won’t make mention of basic necessities like bed, toilet ect as being a human you need it and programmers are human beings  ?


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