I just launched a range of stickers for your laptop! These stickers are budget stickers, I’m a person who likes change so I’m not prepared to pay $3 a sticker +  $$$ shipping fill my laptop up and then 6 months later I want to change and pay that much again ?! So these stickers … Read more

Gifts for programmers under $25

Hey, So its that time of the year again: Year End !? Many companies & families get together and throw parties respectively, and in this people like exchanging gifts 🙂 I made this post for those of you who wants to buy something for your employees, co-workers, friends, teachers or whichever devs you know 😉 … Read more

20 Tech & Coding Q and A with Laura aka @Codergirl_

Hey, This is a new series I’m starting, I’ll be featuring different  #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer [articles]asking questions and sharing it with you guys ! If you would like to nominate or suggest the next ‘participant’ you can comment below or DM me 🙂 I’m honored to present Laura as my first participant 😀 Hand you over to … Read more

Cyber Monday deals

Hey all! Cyber Monday deals is when you want to really score as its the last chance 🙁 Black Friday and the weekend is over so Cyber Monday is the day you go home BIG! PS. None of the below is sponsored, affiliate links may be included. /* LET’S BEGIN !!! */   The Practical Dev is … Read more

BLACK FRIDAY deals ! [programming swag, courses & more! ]

Hey! Black Friday deals we all love it don’t we! I personally have been waiting so that I can get new swag aka programming tshirts & merch as well as courses so that I can use in the upcoming year as well as do some learning this festive season 😃 AND anything else that I can get … Read more

Great deals & Freebies ! You don’t need to wait for Black Friday

Deals you don’t want to miss! While many anticipate Black Friday to score bargains it can be difficult to grab everything in one day, when the sites are loading slower, ques are longer, 1000’s of deals making you dizzy 😵 So here are some Freebies and great deals you can get before all the madness 😜 … Read more

What apps I use and how I run my Instagram acc

Hey guys Many of you are interested in what apps & websites I use, how do I run the page and so on. Its nothing fancy, nothing complicated, and I don’t think I do anything special ! Scratch that I don’t do anything special 😆 Quick note before anyone thinks why I didn’t say girls … Read more