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    Whether you hustled through the summer or chilled on the beach it’s now time (or soon) to get back to the daily grind!

    Ps. I’m sorry if you’re already back at school or have another month left, people from all over ready and everyone’s schedules are different. Can’t do anything 🙃

    It’s no secret that most of us (including myself) love new & latest items in whatever aspect you take pride in. Some are passionate about their looks, some about their setup, others about stationary. I will be covering all topics that I can in hopes of helping you get affordable new items or spice up your original ones 🌟

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    Add personal touches and change a boring room or area into a dream space.


    Can’t deny that a desk with lights don’t look cool 🙂
    Easy to put and remove, most come with two way tape or you could use prestik

    These can be bought anywhere and don’t cost much, depending on size, quality & features.

    LED 12V RGB LED Strip Lights 16.4ft $8.99


    Add a frame with a quote or image that you like. Give the area homey feeling or an inspirational vibe whichever works for you.
    You don’t need to pay $$$ to have a good piece to hang what you can do is find free stack photo/quote that you like print it and put it in a frame 😁


    Adding a lamp to your desk to make it look a bit cool but a much needed item. If you’re hitting the books or writing something you need good lighting. Even when working on your computer gotta put lights on to save your eyes! *more eye tips here

    I like these touch lamps you get they cool & cheap, or if you’re looking for the vintage yet modern look these go well (a bit $$).


    Stylish yet useful.
    Binary Code Rectangle Mouse pad $0.99 😲



    I personally like throwing on a T-shirt that screams nerd! The conversations that follow from friends who are trying to figure out what it means is just so amusing 😂 Some like wearing it to gym or to sleep in (maybe so they can dream code ?) Everyone has their own preferences.

    You can walk into class to learn Java wearing a Java tshirt being all cool if that’s your style 😉
    Or maybe workout at the gym with a coding is my cardio tshirt 😆
    You can checkout more awesome Tshirts here or here or maybe here
    This mug is awesome! (I found it today and I want one 😢)
    My all time fav programmers definition, you gotta check it out!
    My everyday mug is this one except mine is in JavaScript (locally printed), I couldn’t find a link to a JS one so Java will do 🙂

    If you’re having a bad hair day or maybe don’t have time for it or
    its just sooo hot and you need a cap so have a look at these.


    Stickers! Programming stickers we love them!

    Maybe you’ve always kept your laptop clean of stickers and now there’s a scratch or mark you want to cover up stickers and skins will do it!

    Stickers doesn’t always have to be stuck on your laptop but you can stick them to decorate a notebook or on your water bottle or maybe your locker needs spicing up 🔥 get your pack!
    Skins. Laptop skins are a great way to protect your laptop, give your laptop a makeover or maybe you couldn’t buy a new one and you’re tired of seeing the same one 😭 cool skins

    Tech items I use and others I wish I had, some under $5:


    This is an awesome backpack with many features, compartments. Safe for your laptop, has space for everything else as well.

    Normal price $69.99 Sale $29.99!


    If you’re from India you might wanna check this out: ModishOmbre was  ₹4,999 now  ₹2500! or the famous Gods Ghost at ₹2199


    When you’re studying no matter what it is you need to feel good, energized and healthy!


    Keep a water bottle with you in your bag, when you’re at your desk then on your desk. If its hot and drinking warm/luke water doesn’t sound appealing get a water flask put cold water or ice in it and sip from there believe me it works!

    Here in South Africa there’s a famous brand called Quench where you can get the flasks from though for those who are not in SA, I found a similar one on amazon called POP

    Set up a schedule and make sure you get sufficient sleep as sleep effects productivity. Its hard but you will have to make it work!

    Do some sort of physical activity make sure you’re not sitting on your bottom 24/7! Keep fit, happy & healthy🏃

    When studying whatever subject it maybe there’s always a time which you need to go behind the screen research or type out document, present something etc.
    We always behind the screen whether you have bad or good eyes too much of the screen is not good for you. I by genetics wear glasses & contacts, I have experienced dry, scratchy & red eyes, I recently started wearing Felix Gray glasses (yes with my prescription so I can see!) to protect my eyes when I’m working on my laptop, read below to find out more!
    Our proprietary Blue Light filtering and anti-glare lenses are the perfect balance between clear and effective. We embed our Blue Light filtering technology within the lens, so that our computer glasses work without the telltale yellow tint or color distortion of other Blue Light filtering products. Plus, our frames are sourced from the highest quality, malleable Italian acetate with each pair finished by hand. Oh, and did we mention they start at only $95 and are also available in sunglasses? TAKE ME!

    If you’re looking for resources to learn code go here
    For help with schooling subjects Khan Academy is a good option(categorized & graded) . You could also find on Alison & Udemy unfortunately I don’t know any more resources you may share in the comments below or contact me.


    You might want to freelance while you are still studying because of money or experience and that’s excellent! Though sometimes it can get quite hectic and time becomes a problem.

    If you are freelancing there’s something which you should remember: don’t decide on a short period of time. I know myself when I started I too wanted to be like I can do this in so short time and then it becomes difficult. Agree on a reasonable time frame or if the client is okay with a flexible time that’s good too.

    How to get these projects done?  This always works for me thus I’m telling you! Like how you would sign up for a class daily from example 7-8, like that put in your schedule from this time till this time is dedicated to freelance/side projects. That way there’s no procrastination and always try and stay loyal to that time, once you get in that habit it will be part of you daily routine and using that time for anything else will be unthought off by you. This might not apply to all as many don’t face this problem, lucky them 😁

    Why do side projects while studying? It’s good for your resume, experience that will help you in class & at your future jobs.

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