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    Web Developer & Designer

    Admin & Author of Programmer Life & CodingQuotes

    Hi, I'm the woman behind this blog and Coding Quotes Instagram!
    I'm not a professional writer or any where near one and neither am I an excellent Web Developer

    I enjoy sharing what I've learnt, tips & tricks, my experiences & failures so others can learn from it!

    What I && My hobbies

    • Programming is exciting & fun BUT also can be really frustrating at times and that's how programming is ;)
    • Swimming, I swim for fun & growing up I had a pool in my backyard so you can guess what my Summer was like :)
    • PC games, before I started coding my computer was used to play games!
        Some games I enjoyed playing:
      • NFS: Need for speed, I had a few versions though I mostly played Carbon, The Run: was cool but I stopped playing as it kept me away from coding
      • Over the hedge (completed the game many times)
      • X-man
      • Jazz Jazkrabbit
      • Hoyle Board games
    • I enjoy spending the day with my family and having fun with my nephews & niece
    • Out doors! Beach or park, any place to explore.
    • Reading! I like mystery, romance.
    • I love junk food!
      • Ice Cream; Bar one, soft serve, choc chip & choc and caramel
      • Crisps/Potato chips; Doritos, Simba >Mrs H.S Balls, Fritos, Nik Naks
      • Chocolates; I love all chocolates (mostly!)
      • I enjoy Fizz pops, Gum and many more candies
      • Soda or as we say in South Africa Cold/Soft Drink! Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Lemonade :)

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  • Some programs I use:

    • Sublime Text 3
    • Gimp
    • Corel VideoStudio X10
    • Chrome
    • Inbox by Gmail (on phone, Gmail on desktop)
    • Slack (app on phone, access website on desktop)

    Some Items on my desk

    I'm not a person who owns expensive fancy toys! All above links are Amazon(affiliate links)