Hey, Found you guys some FREE coupons for some courses. The coupon is added onto the URL so it will be automatically added. As always grab as/while you can as I have no knowledge of limit and time. Enjoy 🖥 Node Package Manager Course: Build and Publish NPM Modules Devops : Docker Complete Guide Hands … Read more

Learning/ Practicing coding on the GO!

Hello 🙂 Learning from your mobile ? eeh not something I’m a fan about, BUT we are often in situations where we only have access to our mobile device. Like on the bus/train on the way to work or school, waiting for a meeting or appointment. Some of you might have your laptop on you … Read more

Benefit from instagram’s users! [programmers]

Hey So I started #techygrammer on Instagram (which I need to add to soon 😁 ) you can check it out here this series include Instagram users posting their setups or snippets of code or just their daily life. This post (which you are reading) I’m going to be mentioning some Instagram users who use … Read more

Types of WordPress Developers [humor + truth]

Here’s 4 types of WordPress “Developers” The sarcastic truth ? This was not meant to hurt or offend anyone! The real developer ?: He/she develops their own API’s, plugins, builds up themes customizes from raw! The spending “developer”: Goes and purchases plugins, themes and hires a freelancer for any function needed that can’t be purchased … Read more

Why (I) use WordPress

Why use WordPress / Why I use WordPress Also applies to other CMS Systems   This question is always asked not only to me but I see it in the comments of many other Instagram posts. It is also frowned upon by many! (and that’s understandable) People have different opinions, personal choice, business choices, appearance … Read more


I just launched a range of stickers for your laptop! These stickers are budget stickers, I’m a person who likes change so I’m not prepared to pay $3 a sticker +  $$$ shipping fill my laptop up and then 6 months later I want to change and pay that much again ?! So these stickers … Read more