• A Programmers Nightmare!!

    While programming is enjoyable, fun and satisfying there are times when its frustrating and just one huge nightmare!

    I asked my fans on Instagram (@CodingQuotes) what’s their programming nightmare, read below to see what they have to say!

    *Remember this is intended on a humorous level to make you smile or chuckle and NOT to discourage you!

    My Instagram followers say:

    Working on a project without any documentation or comments in the code. Everything is a mess & I cannot even refactor it, because it’s in production.
    full stack dev & designer
    When you deploy your code to production and all of a sudden, even after the days of testing, everything just breaks. And you have no idea why it’s breaking.
    full stack developer
    My worst nightmare is working with spaghetti code! One change could break everything because of how badly the application is designed.
    Spending hours trying to find the bug but then you realize you just typed the variable wrong 🙁 Reply from @codingquotes: I think you're not using a good IDE
    Testing in IE​
    UI/UX Designer
    Having your laptop stolen
    ios developer
    Deploy on Friday
    Unknown syntax error
    Visual studio bugs
    Losing all my code without backup
    stackoverflow is down
    No electricity!
    web developer
    checking one's non-commented code
    crashing IDEs
    Management has decided to support IE8
    Web Developer
    Reading bad code
    Java developer
    When deadline is near
    Having to delete your code when its 4679 lines
    Changing project requirements
    Making direct changes in production server
    git repo sync errors
    A real bug in the office
    no wifi, update in production
    Burned my CPU