• 6 Lesser Known Features and Services that you Should Look for in Cloud Hosting

    Since the time hosting companies started offering Cloud Hosting services, more and more people have jumped on the bandwagon to make it their preferred hosting type. This has a lot to do with the impressive hosting reliability and scalability Cloud Hosting brings to the table. And with the growing popularity, more and more hosting providers have started launching Cloud Hosting packages with many additional features to make the deal sweeter. In this post, we will segregate the best from the good and narrow down to 6 best lesser known add-ons and features that can make a difference in your Cloud Hosting service.

    1. 1 Click Install Scripts:
      One-click install scripts simplify the way users can install application and support software into their hosting. This makes it really quick and easy to get mission critical software like CMS and Site Builders up and running on your system without any hassle. Smart Cloud Hosting providers offer one click installation scripts such as ‘Quick Install’ within their Cloud packages which is great!
    2. cPanel Access:
      Being in control of your hosting is very essential. And the true benefits of Cloud Hosting can be leveraged when you monitor your hosting closely and take necessary actions based on its performance. cPanel helps you monitor your hosting performance and at the same time, enables you to take up many other tasks like adding/removing resources, setting up email accounts, adding more sites to the hosting and even parking domains if need be. You should definitely ask for cPanel access to your Cloud Hosting provider.
    3. Having a Dedicated IP:
      A Dedicated IP helps improve the performance of your site. You can get longer process timeouts for long-running applications, faster handling of web traffic from the server, and better protection if the server’s shared IP gets attacked by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Dedicated IP address also helps in having more secure and reliable emails via your hosting. Your Cloud Hosting provider should definitely make provision to have dedicated IP address for your website when the need arrives.
    4. Migration Support:
      Lot of things can go wrong when you are migrating your cPanel. Data loss, compatibility issues, website downtime etc. could put you knee deep into disaster recovery. It is really helpful if you get migration support from your Cloud Hosting company and their team of experts assist in accomplishing a problem-free migration of your website. Trust me, you don’t want to be alone when it comes to hosting migrations.
    5. Caching for Page Speed:
      There is enough buzz over the internet on the importance of fast websites on your customer journey and online sales. Having faster loading sites is also a SEO best practice that helps you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. That being said, check if your Cloud Hosting infrastructure integrates any kind of Caching mechanism. Some of the most trusted Cloud Hosting providers offer high tech caching solutions like Varnish Caching which has the potential to improve the speed by 1000 times!
    6. Automatic Website Backup:
      The first thing you need in case of a disaster is a stable restore point. This won’t be there if you do not take regular and comprehensive backups of your website. This is both time consuming and will need storage resources. But if your Cloud Hosting provider takes care of backups at their end, then there is nothing like it! However, even if they do take backups of your website, it is still recommended that you and your team schedule periodic backups at your end.

    So there you have it, this was our take on 6 lesser known but really helpful add-ons and features that should be present in your Cloud Hosting package. If you have any other features that should be added to this list, please be sure to put them up in the comments section below!
    This article is a guest written and sponsored by ResellerClub India

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