• 40 resources you can learn coding/programming ONLINE

    Hey Guys,

    So I’m a self made or online learner who learnt/learning programming/scripting..

    I have paid for few stress few courses and I believe that you can avoid and learn totally free.

    I’m always browsing and searching for YouTube channels, websites ect to learn so here’s a few that I have spent sometime learning from..

    Pull out and use the freee content and if you want pay BUT remember you can find free resources out there.
    *Tip if you plan on paying google a bit and you will find some coupons that will make it a bit easier ?

    1. Codecademy
    2. FreeCodeCamp
    3. Udemy
    4. Code College
    5. Shaw Academy Unfortunately only paid content
    6. Microsoft Virtual Studio
    7. Coursera
    8. Alison
    9. Solo Learn
    10. Udacity
    11. SitePoint
    12. Edufyre
    13. Scotch Club
    14. The New Boston
    15. Wild Academy
    16. Code school
    17. Learn | Code.org
    18. Treehouse Unfortunately only paid content
    19. khan academy
    20. Wes Bos
    21. CreatingaWebstore
    22. Eli the Computer Guy
    23. LearnCode.academy
    24. DevTips
    25. Codecourse
    26. CSS Tricks
    27. MDN
    28. Learn Layout
    29. W3.org
    30. Code Wars -more for practice and challenges
    31. Eduonix
    32. Tutorials Point
    33. Lynda
    34. Front end Masters
    35. NewCircle Training
    36. General Assembly
    37. Complete Web Developer Course
    38. John Morris online
    39. Eduonix
    40. TWiT Coding 101

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    Please note: 

    None of the links are monetized/referrals, none of the companies paid me to feature them !

    All the channels, books, websites that I have linked I personally like/enjoy one or more of the courses or I have heard/read about them, some I recently found and yet to discover ..

    Sooo comment which courses what websites/channels/books are you favorites and you can help others ?

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    If you know of a really great website/course and I haven’t mentioned it comment below or contact me

    For personal feedback or messages:

    DM me on Instagram @codingquotes

    Drop me an email code@programmerlife.club

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