Let Your Computer Greet You On Boot

Hey guys,

As my first tutorial on this blog I’ll be showing you how to make your computer welcome / greet you on booting up. I’ll be showing you two methods, first, using Visual Basic and second using Python.

Visual Basic

In visual basic it’s pretty much straight forward. Simple use the code below and replace the text “Welcome back” with anything you want. Capitalization is not necessary.

dim speechobject
 set speechobject=createobject("sapi.spvoice")
 speechobject.speak "Welcome back" 

Copy the code above and save it in a file named “welcome” as “.vbs” and put it in your start up folder on Windows and you’re done.


For implementing this in Python you will need an additional module named pyttsx. Once you have that module use the code below.

import pyttsx

speech_engine = pyttsx.init(‘sapi5’) # see http://pyttsx.readthedocs.org/en/latest/engine.html#pyttsx.init
speech_engine.setProperty(‘rate’, 150)

def speak(text):

speak(“Welcome back”)

Put that in your startup folder and you’re done.

Feel free to add to the post by commenting your suggestions below! Cheers!

Source: Areeb Beigh (My Blog)