• 20 Tech & Coding Q’s with Jelena AKA @plavookac


    This is a series I have running, Iโ€™ll be featuring different #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer[articles] asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

    This weeks participant is Jelena aka @plavookac

    Jelena is a front-end developer who works with Javascript, she started her journey 6 years ago when she was introduced into the programming world by her boyfriend!

    Hi, my name is Jelena and I am 25 years old.
    Co-founder & Web Developer at


    Beside coding, I love reading books, mentoring newbies in web development.

    Onto the Q&A:

    1. Favorite application phone &/or desktop
      Mobile apps: Instagram, WhatsApp and Adobe reader. Web apps: Trello, Google Docs
      Instagram has to be there ๐Ÿ˜‚
    2. Favorite tech item
      My laptop, currently it is Asus ROG GL752V.
    3. Dream tech item / or service
      I donโ€™t have any specific dream tech item..
      Maybe some good professional camera, or Drone. That would be fun to play around with.
      I’ve been thinking about a drone too!
    4. Must have device
      A phone and laptop of course.
    5. Must have software
      VS Code, Skype, Rocket Chat and PuTTY.
      Those are 4 which I use daily and are pinned on my toolbar.
    6. Websites you visit daily ?
      Moon.ly where I find all the useful articles to stay up to date with all web dev and design related stuff, and Stackoverflow which is life savior most of the time.
    7. Do you have a goal or target for this year ? (if so please explain)
      I have few goals for this year, but the main one is to become backend developer as well. At least to have some solid knowledge.
      The language that I know is JavaScript and I want to continue in that direction,
      by learning Node.js, Express.js and Meteor.js and whatever comes up on the way.
    8. What’s your motivation ?
      My motivation is to provide good life to my kids one day and to be a mother who has a true values to share.
      When I feel low, thinking about having family one day makes me keep going.
    9. What’s your favorite language/framework to work in ?
      I just know one language, which is JavaScript, so that would be my favorite as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Favorite frameworks would be Meteor.js
    10. What languages do you currently work in?
      Again, JavaScript.
    11. What editor do you use ?
      Currently I use VS Code. Before that I used Atom which is also great editor.
      I also worked for some time in Brackets and Sublime as well, but for me they were buggy and slow very often.
    12. Go to snack when coding ?
      I donโ€™t have habit of eating snack in general, but sometimes I like to get Snickers chocolate when I feel like burned out.
    13. Track-pad or mouse ?
      Mouse. I just canโ€™t get used to track-pad at all.
    14. Touch or mechanical keyboard ?
      Mechanical, I just love the sounds it makes, it calms me down in some ways.
      Haha the noise disturbs me ๐Ÿ™ˆ
    15. Standing or sitting desk ?
      Both, but If I would have to choose, I would say sitting desk.
    16. Coffee / tea / soda / water ?
      Water! I have 2L bottle next to me always to remind me to drink it.
      Otherwise I can go through day without drinking even one glass which is very bad.
      In cold days I like to drink tea, mainly to warm up, not much for joy.
      I also keep a flask(keeps the water cold) on my desk
    17. Chrome or Firefox ? Chrome
    18. Music or silence ?
      Silence. Because when I listen to music, I have urge to start dancing or singing,
      so it distracts me almost always. It is rare that I listen music and be in full focus.
      So true!
    19. eBooks or text books ?
      I used to read only physical books and I still enjoy in them the most,
      but from recently I started to get used to e-books.
      Reading on phone or laptop just donโ€™t keep my focus as well as an actual book.
      Yes it is easy to get distracted, but buying a book seems like a waste for me as I like looking through multiple resources
    20. Video or documentation ?
      Both. I always go through documentation first to get the best idea and
      initial knowledge, and then go watch video tutorials and read article tutorials.

      Good strategy

    I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode (if you did hit the โค)
    let me know who you would like me to feature next or should I go more in depth with any of the previous participants ๐Ÿ˜