• 20 Tech & Coding Q’s with Verdicekcodes


    This is a series I have running, I’ll be featuring different #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer[articles] asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

    This weeks participant is Veronika aka @Verdicekcodes

    I’ve had my eye on her account from the time I discovered it, she’s so young and achieved so much.
    I admire her for many reasons; read this article and you’ll know why!

    My name is Veronika and I am 19 years old life liver (and lover). 
    I study IT high school, work as an IT Business Partner, develop Android apps, 
    teach kids programming or like to participate in competitions. 
    My main goal is to live and improve as much as I can. :)

    Onto the Q&A:

    1. Favorite application phone &/or desktop
      I don’t have a lot of apps in my phone, so the most popular would be Instagram, YouTube and Udemy as I like to watch courses before I go to sleep.
    2. Favorite tech item:
      Stickers on my laptop, can I take it as a tech item? I guess I cant. 😀
    3. Most frequented website:
      Google says it is Youtube for me. 😀
    4. Must have device ?
      My phone ! It is the only thing I always have by me.
    5. At what age did you start coding ?
      I was 14 when I firstly wrote a code I understood. I tried earlier, but it wasn’t a huge success.
    6. How were you introduced into coding ?
      I was addicted to computer games and one day I decided I didn’t want to play them anymore, but to create them. So I searched for coding tutorials online.
    7. What is/was your biggest challenge ?
      Moving half across the country 2 years ago and living on my own. And in programming? OOP was quite hard for me to understand in the beginning.
    8. What is your goal for 2018 ?
      Do only things I want to do. 🙂
    9. Motivation ?
      I love what I do, so I don’t need motivation. 🙂
    10. What languages do you know ?
      I have the best knowledge of Java, C# and SQL.
    11. Favorite Back-end language ? I am Python fan. 🙂
    12. What editor do you use ? Android Studio
    13. Go to snack when coding: Fruit smoothie
    14. Track-pad or mouse ? Track-pad
    15. Touch or mechanical keyboard ? Mechanical
    16. Standing or sitting desk ?
      Sitting desk, definitely. 😀
    17. Coffee / tea / soda / water ?
      Coffee, tea and water, I don’t really drink soda.
    18. Music or silence ?
      I can’t imagine my life without music. 😀
    19. eBooks or text books ? eBooks
    20. Video or documentation ? Video

    I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode (if you did hit the ❤), please click here to read the previous ones.