• 20 Tech & Coding Q’s with Lydia AKA @theavocoder


    This is a series I have running, I’ll be featuring different #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer[articles] asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

    This weeks participant is Lydia aka @TheAvoCoder

    Lydia is a 19 year old
    Javascript developer who 
    has an amazing sense of humor !
    If you want to know 
    more about Lydia you 
    can read her Medium post

    Onto the Q&A:

    1. Before we get started with the tech questions lets talk about your username 🙂 Explanation please 😉
      Haha, when I first started this account I really wanted to focus on the importance of being healthy while being a programmer! After a brainstorm session we got to ‘avocoder’, a combination of avocado and coder. Even though… I actually don’t like avocados… oops
    2. Favorite application phone &/or desktop ?
      Spotify! I listen to music pretty much all day long, and Spotify makes it so easy for its users to find the right songs and lets you know more about the artist, lyrics, etc.
    3. Favorite tech item: iPhone
    4. Most frequented website ?
      Weather.com and CodeWars
    5. Must have device ?
      I don’t know if it’s a must have but I love both my macbooks
    6. Must have software ?
      Atom, GitKraken, Insomnia, Slack
    7. Favorite OS phone
    8. How were you introduced to programming ?
      My family has always worked with cybersecurity, so he is a programmer. When I was a kid we often coded games together in python, which was fun! I just had no idea that it was ‘coding’.
    9. You’re a JavaScript developer, what is your favorite framework ?
      Definitely React
    10. If someone wants to start the JavaScript journey, what advice would you give them ?
      You’re gonna hate JavaScript one minute and love it the other, get used to it
    11. What editor do you use ?
    12. Go to snack when coding
      I can’t really eat when I’m coding weirdly, but during my breaks I go for fruit
    13. Track-pad or mouse ?
      Track-pad. Haven’t used a mouse for like 6 years.
    14. Touch or mechanical keyboard ? Touch
    15. Standing or sitting desk ? Sitting.. I’m lazy
    16. Coffee / tea / soda / water ?
      Coffee and sparkling water is my life
    17. Chrome or Firefox ? Chrome
    18. Music or silence ?
      Music when coding, silence when writing
    19. eBooks or text books ?
      Text books. I want to feel how many pages I still have to read haha.
    20. Video or documentation ?
      Documentation! I feel like videos are always too subjective, which can be quite chaotic. Documentation is (most often) very straightforward and much easier to understand for me

    I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode (if you did hit the ❤), please click here to read the previous ones.