• 20 Tech & Coding Q’s with Ben aka @CodingPics


    This is a series I have running, I’ll be featuring different #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer[articles] asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

    This weeks participant is Ben (@bpmct.projects) aka @codingpics

    My name is Ben Potter.
    I am a student, programmer, 
    water polo player and Instagrammer. 
    I run the account @codingpics on Instagram, 
    which is a collection of programming jokes and resources.

    Onto the Q&A:

    1. Favorite application phone &/or desktop
      Slack. It makes communication for projects & communities easy and productive.
    2. Favorite tech item
      My mechanical keyboard has to be my favorite tech item. It’s so satisfying to use and makes typing fun.
    3. Most frequented website ?
      I feel like all web developers would have the same answer to this question: Stack Overflow definitely. 😂
    4. Must have device ?
      A phone. Through my Instagram accounts, I’ve been able to meet some amazing developers and students, and even make some money! It’s crazy how such a small device can open a huge world of opportunities.
    5. Must have software ?
      Spotify, Slack, PuTTY, AquaSnap.
    6. Favorite OS phone ? Android 
    7. How were you introduced into coding?
      My uncle is an artist and a programmer. He would show me his work when I was young, and I always aspired to be able to create my own software.
    8. At what age did you start coding?
      I started programming in about 4th grade (about 10 years old) when I wanted to create a social network for the kids in my school. I used this social network script called elgg, and even made some of my own PHP plugins.
      Wow that’s so cool!
    9. What’s your plan? Go to uni? Major in?
      My plan is to go to a 4-year university (my #1 is MIT, but it’s kind-of a stretch) and major in Computer Science/Software Engineering.
      That’s awesome! I hope you get in 🙂
    10. What languages do you currently work in?
      NodeJS, PHP, Python, and Java are the main languages I’m working with now.
    11. What editor do you use ?
      Atom and vi
    12. Go to snack when coding ? Oreos
    13. Track-pad or mouse ? Mouse
    14. Touch or mechanical keyboard ?
      Mechanical, of course.
    15. Standing or sitting desk ?
      Right now I use a sitting desk, but down the road, I may switch.
    16. Coffee / tea / soda / water ?
      Coffee, but not daily.
    17. Chrome or Firefox ? Chrome
    18. Music or silence ? Music
    19. eBooks or text books ? Textbooks 
    20. Video or documentation ?
      Thorough documentation, not just two demos 😂


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