• 20 Tech & Coding Q and A with Ryan aka Hackersclub


    This is a series I have running, I’ll be featuring different #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer[articles] asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

    This weeks participant is Ryan aka @Hackersclub

    Ryan runs the IG: Account hackersclub.
    Grey Hat 🕵🏻 Reverse Engineer | Security Researcher 

    Onto the Q&A:

    1. WAIT! You’re the guy from hackers club right ? Can you hack {…..} ?
      Yes, haha I’ am the guy from hackersclub and NO I will not hack your ex-boyfriends dogs cousing neighbors uncle’s instagram or facebook. 🙂
    2. Favorite application phone &/or desktop
      My favorite application that iPhone has to offer is iBooks, I love being able to turn every PDF into a book, kinda cool. My other favorite app would obviously be instagram, it is quite the entertainment.
    3. Favorite tech item
      Favorite tech item besides the invention of the laptop? 😉 I’ll go with the the WiFi Pineapple, that tool has gotten me free Internet more times than anyone could ever image.
    4. Most frequented website
      I love visiting Rapid7, it has all the latest in vulnerability management, and exploits that recently have been released. Other than rapid7, I love going on youtube and watching new movie trailers. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine lol.
    5. Must have device
      My cell-phone, I love being able to research on the go. I have this little news app that I store all my favorite categories such as Malware, Security Intelligence, Robotics, etc.
    6. Your dream tech ?
      The Antsle – its a hardware device that runs 100+ VPS on your own Private Cloud Server. The cool thing about antsle is each one can be both VM-based for compatibility, and Container-based for efficiency. Edge computing at its best.
    7. How did you get introduced into Grey hat hacking ?
      I was an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) way back when, and the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at my last company I worked at always knew I had a major passion for computer security & malware, so he put me through many trials and tests to see if I had what it took to be in this field. Couple years later I am here 🙂
    8. One common security mistake ?
      Ahhh this is a tough question! Because there are so many common security mistakes I’ve seen people turn their heads on. I’d have to go with Reflected Cross-Site Script (XSS). The attack payload is delivered and executed via a single request and response, they are also referred to as first-order or type 1 XSS.
    9. What languages do you know ?
      I write in many different languages but mainly Python and C.
    10. Favorite Back-end language:
      My favorite for server-side programming will have to go to Ruby, just because Ruby on Rails is such an intuitive MVC.
      It was always very easy to dish out simple API’s using Ruby on Rails.
    11. To this day, if someone had me build them a platform I would still gravitate towards Ruby.
    12. What editor do you use ?
      I only use Atom. I’ve tried so many others and they just did not do me for like Atom did.
    13. Go to snack when coding:
      Actually… I can’t eat when I’m in the zone…. This is actually a horrible habit because sometimes I will go hours upon hours without eating because I’m so wired into the code I’m writing, that all of reality gets warped out haha.
    14. Track-pad or mouse ? I’m definitely a track-pad guy.
    15. Touch or mechanical keyboard ?
      Mechanical keyboards are the way to go, man. That typewriter like sound just is soothing for the soul!
    16. Standing or sitting desk ?
      Sitting desk, I’m not the biggest fan of standing up and working.
      It makes me super antsy, and then I’ll want to go out somewhere and stop working.
    17. Coffee / tea / soda / water ?
      I love soda BUT I need to stay away from it because it’s not good for you.
      Tea is my way of life, I can drink any type of tea at any time of the day. Who doesn’t love sipping on a hot cup of flavored water? 😀
    18. Chrome or Firefox ?
      Chrome is better than Firefox but they each have their advantages & disadvantages.
      For example Chrome has a great UI but I love using Firefox to proxy application traffic. At the same time, Chrome eats up your entire RAM.
    19. Music or silence ?
      Music! It’s fun to listen to some old rock n’ roll when hacking away at a network or application.
      Sometimes, I will admit, I go down the classical piano route if I’m doing a security assessment on something dark.
    20. eBooks or text books ?
      I love the convenience of eBooks, but nothing beats the feeling of reading from a physical hard-cover book.
    21. Video or documentation ?
      I’m all about documentation. I’m also an avid reader so I may be a little bias to this question.
      My issue with videos is that they move to slow and that means I have to stay at the presenters pace. With documentation I can move as fast as I need to.

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