20 Tech & Coding Q and A with Laura aka @Codergirl_


This is a new series I’m starting, I’ll be featuring different  #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer [articles]asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

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I’m honored to present Laura as my first participant 😀

Hand you over to Laura !

My name is Laura Medalia. I am a full stack engineer at a health tech start up in NYC. I also have a tech tee shirt company and tech/fashion blog called lauramedalia.com. I love nerd jokes, chocolates, wine with friends, and reading. I am currently building a Scala micro service, working heavily on microservice infrastructure.


    • Favorite application phone &/or desktop:Instagram for my phone! I love my notes taking app (on my phone and computer)- I am always jotting notes, ideas, to dos, blog posts, quotes, question, there- and I have my special systems for making sure nothing slips through the cracks. The key is having one place to store informat
    • Favorite tech item:I can’t think of just one 😬.
      My laptop, camera and phone are my top 3.
      Accessories: my headphones, keyboard and mouse.


    • Most frequented website: localhost haha…but actually it is. Besides that depends!A lot of documentation (Scaladocs/Finatra recently) and StackOverflow of course.
      I am a shopper so I will browse sites for new fashion inspiration. Netflix and Amazon are up there too. I don’t really surf the web much, like I have some coworkers who will go through sites like Reddit and Techcrunch all throughout the day- I’m never on those sites. Mostly just coding on my computer/reading articles around the code I am writing.


    • Must have device: My iPhone I think.


    • Must have software: Hmm Chrome + Spotify app + whatever IDE I am working in are used the most.


    • Favorite OS phone:  I have been using iPhone for a while


    • Your dream tech:So many! I would love to get more cameras, I’ve been eyeing some of the lens cameras, a GoPro for easy video footage, the Phantom Speakers are so beautiful, and a new projector.


    • What is tech to you:For me its the science of craft, which can be embedded in machines. Being able to use the processes/problem solving/creation techniques in machines is incredible!


    • What languages do you know ?I’ve worked with C# the longest, Javascript is a close second and I’m working heavily in Scala now. I learned computer science through Java, but I haven’t worked with it in almost 5 years.


    • Favorite Back-end language: Depends on the use case! I am loving Scala right now.


    • What editor do you use ?For C# Visual Studios, for Scala IntelliJ and for Javascript I have used Webstorm for a long time (although I am transitioning to VSCode which is most popular at my company)


    • Go to snack when coding: Chocolate. Although honestly anything that doesn’t make my hands sticky.


    • Track-pad or mouse?Trackpad when I am working on my Mac cause I have a lot of gestures hooked up to shortcuts but I need to stop because it’s not good for my wrists or fingers and get back to my Microsoft sculpt mouse.


    • Touch or mechanical keyboard ?I’ve used the Microsoft sculpt keyboard 😬+ mouse for a long time and love it. That being said I just got sent a mechanical keyboard and am excited to try it out!


    • Standing or sitting desk ?Standing 10000%. I don’t stand all day, but breaking up your day with standing for a bit totally makes a difference- easier  on your back and also there is something about standing that kind of wakes me up. It helps me get out of afternoon sleepiness.


    • Coffee / tea / soda / water ? …All ha. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, then water + seltzer + lemon decaf tea. Then coffee again in the afternoon.


    • Chrome or Firefox ? Chrome


    • Music or silence ?When I am at work music 100%. My office space is open- so I can’t really get work done without noise cancelling headphones. At home I don’t listen to anything when I code- if I could I would always work in silence.


    • eBooks or text books ?Hmmm depends! I think now eBooks make more sense for me- easier to transfer around and I get a lot of my reading done on the go (subway). I do have that old fashioned association with textbooks though that makes them feel romantic.

    • Video or documentation ?100% documentation for me, I think that’s a learning style thing. I love reading documentation 😬…. good documentation** and I think I am one of those people who needs to absorb at my own pace, with videos I either feel like its going too fast or slow.  I think redux is one of the best documented frameworks btw, they show you what documentation should look like… Finatra I am honestly really disappointed with.

Learning more about my fav #techygrammer & having a laugh at the witty answers

  • Prayogi

    Will you do a QA with Mr.vero? Just curious. Thanks.

    • admin

      I’m not sure, he’s a cool guy, has a nice account though I haven’t interacted with him, I’ll try and get hold of him.

      I currently have a list of accounts I want to feature so once that’s exhausted maybe.


    • I’m not sure, he’s a cool guy, has a nice account though I haven’t interacted with him, I’ll try and get hold of him.

      I currently have a list of accounts I want to feature so once that’s exhausted maybe.