• 20 Tech & Coding Q and A with Laura aka @Codergirl_


    This is a new series I’m starting, I’ll be featuring different #techygrammer [IG] or #techygrammer [articles]asking questions and sharing it with you guys !

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    Hand you over to Laura !

    My name is Laura Medalia. I am a full stack engineer at a health tech start up in NYC. I also have a tech tee shirt company and tech/fashion blog called lauramedalia.com. I love nerd jokes, chocolates, wine with friends, and reading. I am currently building a Scala micro service, working heavily on microservice infrastructure.


    1. Favorite application phone &/or desktop:Instagram for my phone! I love my notes taking app (on my phone and computer)- I am always jotting notes, ideas, to dos, blog posts, quotes, question, there- and I have my special systems for making sure nothing slips through the cracks. The key is having one place to store information, and a good system for things to get prioritized AND be easy to find (i.e. you know where to find x).
    2. Favorite tech item: I can’t think of just one 😁 My laptop, camera and phone are my top 3. Accessories: my headphones, keyboard and mouse.
    3. Most frequented website: localhost haha…but actually it is. Besides that depends!
      A lot of documentation (Scaladocs/Finatra recently) and StackOverflow of course. I am a shopper so I will browse sites for new fashion inspiration. Netflix and Amazon are up there too. I don’t really surf the web much, like I have some coworkers who will go through sites like Reddit and Techcrunch all throughout the day- I’m never on those sites. Mostly just coding on my computer/reading articles around the code I am writing.
    4. Must have device: My iPhone I think.
    5. Must have software: Hmm Chrome + Spotify app + whatever IDE I am working in are used the most.
    6. Favorite OS phone: I have been using iPhone for a while
    7. Your dream tech: So many! I would love to get more cameras, I’ve been eyeing some of the lens cameras, a GoPro for easy video footage, the Phantom Speakers are so beautiful, and a new projector.
    8. What is tech to you: For me its the science of craft, which can be embedded in machines. Being able to use the processes/problem solving/creation techniques in machines is incredible!
    9. What languages do you know ?I’ve worked with C# the longest, Javascript is a close second and I’m working heavily in Scala now. I learned computer science through Java, but I haven’t worked with it in almost 5 years.
    10. Favorite Back-end language: Depends on the use case! I am loving Scala right now.
    11. What editor do you use ?For C# Visual Studios, for Scala IntelliJ and for Javascript I have used Webstorm for a long time (although I am transitioning to VSCode which is most popular at my company)
    12. Go to snack when coding: Chocolate. Although honestly anything that doesn’t make my hands sticky.
    13. Track-pad or mouse? Trackpad when I am working on my Mac cause I have a lot of gestures hooked up to shortcuts but I need to stop because it’s not good for my wrists or fingers and get back to my Microsoft sculpt mouse.
    14. Touch or mechanical keyboard ?I’ve used the Microsoft sculpt keyboard 😬+ mouse for a long time and love it. That being said I just got sent a mechanical keyboard and am excited to try it out!
    15. Standing or sitting desk ?Standing 10000%. I don’t stand all day, but breaking up your day with standing for a bit totally makes a difference- easier on your back and also there is something about standing that kind of wakes me up. It helps me get out of afternoon sleepiness.
    16. Coffee / tea / soda / water ? …All ha. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, then water + seltzer + lemon decaf tea. Then coffee again in the afternoon.
    17. Chrome or Firefox ? Chrome
    18. Music or silence ?When I am at work music 100%. My office space is open- so I can’t really get work done without noise cancelling headphones. At home I don’t listen to anything when I code- if I could I would always work in silence.
    19. eBooks or text books ?Hmmm depends! I think now eBooks make more sense for me- easier to transfer around and I get a lot of my reading done on the go (subway). I do have that old fashioned association with textbooks though that makes them feel romantic.
    20. Video or documentation ?100% documentation for me, I think that’s a learning style thing. I love reading documentation 😬…. good documentation** and I think I am one of those people who needs to absorb at my own pace, with videos I either feel like its going too fast or slow. I think redux is one of the best documented frameworks btw, they show you what documentation should look like… Finatra I am honestly really disappointed with.

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