Common vulnerabilities and securtity measures

The evolution of technology brings a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages. Hacking tools are becoming easier to get and use, everything that’s connected to a network can be hacked, every system has vulnerabilities so “No system is safe”, but you can always follow some security measures that i will provide at the end of … Read more

10 FREE coupon courses for UDEMY

Hey, Loyal followers its time to give back! Here’s links to 10 courses they have coupons which make them FREE, The coupons have a time & user limit which is unknown to me as I write this its available to I suggest you grab while/if you can! Enjoy ! Explore how to start Web Development … Read more

How to stay focused being a freelancer / self study

Hey, So I got asked on tips for people working from home how to stay focused and motivated. So I decided to make this for both Freelancers, those self studying. Before we carry on ask yourself the following: Do you enjoy what you are doing ? Is this your choice ? What’s your aim & … Read more

FREE Udemy courses

Hey, Below is URL’s to Udemy courses, the links have the coupon so just click for the course. I don’t know the limit or expiry or any details so grab while you can 😉 Swift 3 – Master Swift Development From Scratch Learn Vue 1 JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript Web Design Website From Scratch … Read more

Healthy programming & studying!

echo “Hello!”; Something I think is really important and its not spoken much of is: Healthy programming I’m not talking about food here, I’m talking about your mind, concentration and eyesight and more. Eyesight: Something a lot of us take for granted! When it comes to us programmers and people working behind the screen the … Read more

Coding Quotes programming swag !

Hello Guys, Hope you having an awesome and a productive bug free programming day! I created a store on Zazzle awhile back but didn’t really sit down design and think of some awesome swag, so that’s what I did.   I have had this idea for a few months but didn’t know how to go … Read more