Top 21 Programming Languages of 2016

RedMonk on February 19 published a post on their website containing the top 21 languages of 2016. They came up with this list with the collective ranks of the languages on GitHub and StackOverflow.

From the info once again, JavaScript tops the list closely followed by Java and PHP. Python holds the 4th rank in the list.

You can get all the info from the image below:

RedMonk Programming language ranks

Besides the above plot, which can be difficult to parse even at full size, we offer the following numerical rankings. As will be observed, this run produced several ties which are reflected below (they are listed out here alphabetically rather than consolidated as ties because the latter approach led tomisunderstandings). Note that this is actually a list of the Top 21 languages, not Top 20, because of said ties.

1 JavaScript
2 Java
4 Python
5 C#
5 C++
5 Ruby
9 C
10 Objective-C
11 Shell
12 Perl
13 R
14 Scala
15 Go
15 Haskell
17 Swift
18 Matlab
19 Clojure
19 Groovy
19 Visual Basic

What programming language is your favorite?