• Tips & Tricks to learn coding online + Full stack web development course giveaway !

    Hey Guys !

    Have you read our post on “Become a full stack developer for FREE” if not click HERE as some of my tips to learn to code are to do with the courses I suggested in the blog post..

    So lets get cracking !

    • If you are studying via read books/e-books then you would want to consider the following:
      1. make sense of whatever you are reading take a notebook and write down important parts as if you are stuck you don’t want to go through an entire book of info. IF you understand what you are reading and the book is easy to navigate to different sections then this won’t be necessary ..
      2. As you read/understand each tag/function/style test it out, practice and experiment …
      3. If you just can’t make sense of something or just can’t get it into your head, then go over and watch a video on it. hearing an explanation makes you understand and remember it better..The New Boston has tutorials on all different languages you can check him out or use your proffered source.
    • Those doing Udemy courses or any other video lessons should do the following:
      1. Take down notes as you go along.
      2. At the end of each lesson/ or pause at an appropriate time and implement the knowledge that you learnt test out the code run it and practice.
    • Those doing the CodeCademy course are lucky that they get to practice the code as they go along. Though they should take down notes. If reading and understanding becomes difficult then as I said earlier get hold of a video and watch it.. CodeCademy Forums can be very helpful in time of need.
    • Practice makes perfect so keep on practicing what you learnt, explore, experiment and get all crazy coding !



    Assign a notebook for each language, I didn’t think about it or prepare my books before I started and in a rush and put these languages together, if I had to do it again I wouldn’t have combined these language together Ooops ! Gotta think next time

    I used a normal notebook and printed out the logo’s black and white #blocksface then I used sharpies to color in, You can print out color copies so looks better or be more creative than me and sketch out or do a better job at coloring as I really suck !

    Make your notes easy to read make headings, highlight keywords, write your code in different colors.

    Also you could write down example of how to use the code, so if you come back later and can’t remember the format or how would you use the code the example is there to help you..

    At the beginning of each notebook write an a brief explanation on the language and then on the next page have your terminologies..  Really useful point (I think !)


    Nice resources you might want to go to do some reading or get some help in forums:


    Okay So for the GIVEAWAY !


    What will you win ? You will win Udemy courses that will make you a Full Stack Developer

    Awesome ! Wait what ? But what about the free way ? Yes you could do the free way via CodeCademy so that you can code and learn at the same time, BUT on Udemy I have selected some paid and free courses that will make you a complete developer..

    Learning languages from scratch to mastering it !


    These are the courses if I find more awesome courses I will add it on

    Screenshot (101)

    How to win it ?

    If you do any of the following you will be entered into the draw, do all for a greater chance at winning !

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    Thank You Good luck !

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